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Gain insights in your processes

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Process Mining enables your organisation to run in-depth process analysis driven by your own data. It helps you to identify patterns and trends within your processes by scanning the event logs of your organisation's IT systems and deliver game-changing insights into the way your business works.
Objective and fast analysis of your processes

Process mining stands for an objective approach by analyzing your business through data behind your operations, the digital track. This automated analysis brings an in-depth view of how your processes really work.

This is in strong contrast to traditional methods where business processes are analyzed and modelled based on employee and customer interviews, workshops and other qualitative methods. This takes more time and money and gives a subjective incomplete view.

What’s your improvement potential?

The core benefit of process mining is to discover, analyze and visualize your actual operations. It reveals what your organization is really doing when delivering goods or services to the customers, including the non-desired or non-value adding activities.


The smart analysis of your processes shows you the most profitable areas for improvement for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), digital transformation and even for optimizing your KPIs like process cost or customer experience. Thus, the wider operational context offered by process mining guarantees the maximum success of any automation initiative.


Moreover, from a compliance or benchmark perspective, it allows you to contrast best practices. You are not only able to see the conformance rate and differences between data dimensions, but also their root causes which empower the next step: really improving the process and realizing benefits.

Continuous process optimization & predictive analysis

With the process dashboard, you can monitor the performance and assess the impact of your process – before, during and after the improvement or automation initiative.


Predictive analysis allows you to recognize potential problematic cases in advance.

ACKINAS Services

Ackinas already has several years of experience with process mining and uses the mining tool from QPR, a leading authority in process mining.

Ackinas can guide you to improve your organization based on facts out of your own systems. This can be done in an Agile approach, so you get quick results.

Our process mining services:

  1. Inspiration session: We provide a full understanding of the potential of Process Mining in your organization.

  2. Proof of Value: We deliver a quick prototyping of one or two processes and give first insights on hidden improvement potential.

  3. Process mining project: We discover, analyze and implement the improvement in an Agile approach.

  4. Process performance monitoring: We measure and proactively control your processes for continuous optimization.

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