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We have developed several financial solutions that can be easily implemented

Financial solutions
Working Capital Analysis

Monitor your working capital and related ratios. Watch our video to learn more

Cashflow Forecasting

The Cashflow Analyzer & Forecaster calculates and visualizes the available cash at short, medium and long term and let your simulate and forecast your cashflow in multiple scenario's.

Cashflow Forecaster.png
Extended Financial Monitor

Analyze your financials


We have built MANY SAP BASED dashboards in the following area’s 

SAP based dashboards

Follow up charge back of logistic costs to customers

Plant Maintenance

From curative to preventive and predictive maintenance

Plant maintenance.jpg
Embedded Analytics

Sales dashboards integrated in CRM

CRM Sales.png

We can support you with...

Development of your BI strategy

Set-up the BI architecture

Preparation of the data

Preparation of self-service BI data 

Design and build your dashboards

Develop the right KPI's and Key Behavior Indicators 

Organise and document it so that it will be fully maintainable

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