Process Mining, Data driven Process Management

Process Mining

Achieve Process Excellence with Data Driven Process Intelligence

What is process mining?


Process Mining uses existing data from organization’s IT systems (ERP/CRM, ...) to visually reconstruct how processes actually perform. It creates full transparency and enables you to drive efficiency, quality and productivity across your entire organization and thereby empower you to take the actions you need for optimization.

It uses AI and machine learning to predict issues with active Cases (Orders, ..) and generate mitigation actions. 


Works for any industry, any company, any process.

What does it deliver and what are the benefits

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Process Discovery

  • Visualize your As-Is processes automatically

  • Understand throughput, variations unnecessary rework and bottlenecks throroughly

  • Profile cases and evnets by their attributes

  • Discover compliancy and conformance variations

  • Enhance your understanding with AI based analysis


Process Analysis

  • Analyze root causes

  • Discover correlations between cases and their attributes

  • Identify causalities behind correlations

  • Highlight dependencies on a flowchart


Check conformance

  • Understand the root causes for non-conformances

  • Import models in BPMN format

  • Autocreate as-designed processes

Build versatile custom analyses

  • Pre-configured and custom KPIs

  • Powerful proprietary expression language

  • Autocreate as-designed processes

Benchmark processes


Continuous Monitoring

  • See the effect of process transformation and improvements

  • Create modern, responsive dashboards

  • Set up notifications using flexible rules

  • Ad-hoc dashboarding

There's no effective continuous improvement without a simple, fast way to track the real-life execution of operations in real time.

Data Collection

  • Most crucial part of the process

  • Most commercial tools provide an Integration Platform for ETL

  • Open APIs for 'standard' processes are available

  • You can Connect to both SaaS and legacy systems

  • Tools support In-memory flash models

  • There are no data limits or restrictions

  • We have a broad cross-industry experience


Our Tool Independent Approach

This is our approach to help you to select and implement 
Process Mining

Proof of Value (for one selected process)

  • Execute an in depth Discovery assessement.

  • Prepare and extract your own data

  • Give hands on training and experience and let you use the solution

  • Evaluate the Process Mining outcome

  • Evaluate the organizational fit

  • Prepare business case

  • Prepare the implementation plan

  • Present the outcome to executive management


  • We demonstrate the capabilities of a selected Process Mining tool possibly with the most interesting  end-to-end process.

Process Mining

  • Dependent on the process and the Use Case we dive deeper in the processes

  • Yield improvement or digitization (RPA) opportunities

  • Assist transforming the processes

  • Implement the measures 

Continuous improvement

  • We embed the selected Process Mining solution in the DNA of your organization

  • Create the required dashboards to support continuous improvement

  • Implement solutions to track the real-life execution of operations in real time.

The steps to reach Process Excellence.


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