Use Cases

For Process Mining there are too many use cases to describe. The most important ones that we have been working on are listed here. Dependent on the use case we use the applicable cases and attributes from the data that we extract and load from your business systems. 

Process Improvement
  • Discover inefficient processes through bottlenecks, undesirable rework and other symptoms of waste.

  • Understand the root causes of the issues.

  • Use AI and predictive analysis to identify bottlenecks in active cases

  • Significant cost savings by shortened lead time, reduced working capital, less rework and fewer order changes

  • Improved quality through fewer processing errors.

Process Measurement & KPI reporting

Measure performance continuously

  • Identify relevant process KPI’s and measure them against clear objectives

  • Create your own dashboards and reports

  • Get notified when activities in active cases are taking too long

  • Continuously improved process performance.

  • Better quality process KPI’s with full transparency, leaving no space for internal arguments

IT and Business System(ERP/CRM..) development/migration
  • Get a fact-based view of the actual ERP process execution.

  • This gives and invaluable insight both in pre- and post ERP implementation as well as in ERP consolidation related tasks

  • Significant reduction of set-up and implementation (lead)time and cost.

  • Optimized business processes supported from the new ERP system.

  • Significantly reduction of risk in all ERP related developments.

  • Reduced ERP maintenance and support costs.

Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Get a fact-based, objective understanding of the actual process execution and system usage to make educated decisions about the way forward.

  • Fast realization of planned synergies through harmonized processes and systems

Process Automation Robotics (RPA)
  • Discover automation opportunities and application areas.

  • Follow up the actual improvement after RPA implementation

  • Significant cost savings and improvement of efficiency and quality through optimized  adoption of process automation and robotization.

Process Compliance
  • Ensure process compliance. Find deviations and violations in actual process execution.

  • Reduces risk levels through increased process compliance

  • Improved audit efficiency, quality and coverage.


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