Operational & Financial Management Tools

Make your business and operations more agile and efficiënt 

ERP System & Data Source Independent tools

Different tools the same objectives:


Make your business and operations more agile and efficiënt, measure your status against your objectives, improve your business processes, communication and transparency and mitigate risks in an early stage!


And…present this FAST in a dynamic, ordened and visually attractive way, so that everyone finally understands what the numbers mean and how they can act to improve them!

We connect to any ERP/Financial system

Working  Capital and Cash Optimization

Eliminate the guesswork and get the answers you need.

  • Extract the data from your ERP systems through standard connectors (SAP a.o.)

  • Monitor your Working Capital and related ratios

  • Drill down to the smallest details (invoice/item)

  • Pinpoint which customers/products/inventory have the highest impact on Working Captital

  • Identify the processes that are causing this

  • Take actions and quickly achieve a substantial reduction in your working capital

  • Obtain extra cash to invest and stay ahead of your competitors

Do this aggregated ​for all your companies in any currency with data from any ERP system

The impact on your Working Capital in the OTC related activities is the highest in Credit Management and Collection. That is why we analyze credit exposure on group and company level, payment behavior and the impact of Payment Term changes as elements of the OTC analysis.

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The impact on your Working Capital in the FTF related activities is the highest in Forecasting, Planning, Inventory Management and Distribution & Delivery. That is why we analyze Slow Moving and Obsolete stock, Blocked stock, Product rationalization, 9-box product classifications and Forecast/schedule accuracy as elements of the FTF analysis.

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The impact on your Working Capital in the PTP related activities is the highest in Requisition and Order Management, Receiving and outsourced activities reporting and Invoice matching and payment management. That is why we Payment behavior, missing discounts, Payment Term change impact and delays in the invoice matching and payment process as elements of the PTP analysis.

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"Amazing how quickly you can discover the actual painpoints and follow-up the results of the implemented  improvements. This is a brilliant solution" - Anonymus customer 


The Cash Flow Analyzer & Forecaster

Monitor your Cashflow and simulate scenarios

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  • Caluculate and visualize the available cash at short, medium and long term 

  • Data from:

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Accounts Payable

    • ERP data (orders and commitments)

    • Bank Accounts and transactions

    • Loans and credits

    • All other Expenditures/Income and (Capex) projects

  • Cashflow simulation and forecasting in multiple scenario's 

  • Multi Company, Multi Currency multiple dimensions

This solution tells you the story and plans out the scenario's to get/stay in control 


The Cost to Serve Solution (Time Driven ABC)

Cost To Serve is a "pragmatic" methodology to calculate and visualize the "specific" costs to serve a specific customer with a specific product in all its details.

It is using principles of "time driven activity based costing" (TDABC) focussing on the “vital few relevant” cost drivers, in order to ensure a "sufficient" level of "differentiation" while avoiding the complexity of too detailed and precise data gathering.

The Cost to Serve solution can be integrated with any ERP solution and helps:

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  • Improving the transparency of the true profitability

    • Modeling and analyzing the cost-to-serve and cash-to-serve

    • Find the right balance between conflicting interests

  • Aligning with the value propostion

    • Revising the pricing policies per customer/product

    • Generate Cost-to-Serve efficiency actions

  • Showing customer and product profitability​


Financial Performance Optimization

  • Main dashboard with financial performance information

  • Extended P&L and Balance Sheet with drill down to transaction level

  • KPI's and Ratios on all levels

  • Debtors ageing and outstanding invoices with collection information and KPI's

  • Creditors ageing and outstanding invoices and KPI's

  • Du Pont Analysis with Return on Equity breakdown and what-if analysis

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Aggregated multi company information

  • Standard connectors to most ERP and Financial  systems

  • Multi Lingual (Dutch/English/French/German

The actual Financial performance of your company only one click away:


Our Approach

Requirements assessment

  • Execute an indepth requirements assessment

  • Discuss & document the use cases

  • Gather the configuration settings

  • Investigate the data sources and connectability

  • Evaluate the organizational fit

  • Prepare the implementation plan

  • Present the outcome to executive management


  • We demonstrate the capabilities of the selected tool with all possible capabilities, based on demo data

Set-up, configure and deploy

  • Set-up the tool in SaaS or local environent 

  • Connect the tool to the data sources coming from one or multiple ERP/Finanacial systems

  • Load the data and test/improve

  • Train the users and Deploy in the company IT environment

Continuous improvement

  • We embed the solution in the DNA of your organization

  • Extend the dashboards to support continuous improvement

  • Improve the solution to your changing requirements and provide regular new versions.

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