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Ackinas Solutions


Much more than just selling software, we are your partner in optimizing the deployment of the right tools in your company. The list is here, more info on each solutions' page.

Financial Management


We provide and implement Financial Technology solutions for non financial institutions, using new technology and innovation to leverage the available resources in your company, in order to better compete in the marketplace.


Our Working Capital Analyzer and Cash Flow Optimizer use the data from your operational systems. Multi-company, multi-site, when required.  

The Working Capital Analyzer pinpoints which processes are absorbing cash unnecessarily. Free-up and invest these amounts in your company's future instead.


Processes and key performance indicators (kpi's) are pre-configured based on best practices.

Our CashFlow Forecaster includes all cashflow related elements to be able to effectively execute Treasury management.   


Business Discovery

Ackinas supports you with some of the best QlikView knowledge on the market. We have experience in quick and simple projects with a maximum result as well as in large BI-projects in complex environments.



Process Management


Ackinas' core business since more than 15 years. We help you to discover your business processes, manually AND automatically.


The QPR suite allows you to draw processes, execute process mining, excell in enterprise architecture, measure your performance and link it to your business case!




Project and Change Management


After a long and intensive search for the best possible project and change management solution, we've teamed up with Fortes. Fortes Change Cloud is a unique tool set that allows follow up of any aspect that might occur in your projects, portfolios and change initiatives.


Fortes Change Cloud blows away her competitors with the portfolio management tool.


Over 250.000 users worldwide can tell you why to choose Fortes to boost your strategic project- & portfolio management strategy.