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Working Capital and Cashflow optimization


We commonly hear "we want to improve our WCM what sort of system should we implement?"

You won’t fix it with a fancy system, it needs a change in culture implemented with new policies, processes and indeed metrics. 


Ackinas can provide your organization both the services and the supporting solutions to sustainably support your objectives. 

Our initial assessment gives a clear insight in the actual situation, based interviews and data analysis, with the help of the Top-Down Working Capital Analyzer. We create a Working Capital optimization strategy and a clear scope on the activities involved. 

Real WCM management involves continuous process improvements. Before improvements can be implemented, insight of the actual processes is essential. With the help of our Process Mining solution we will be able to automatically discover the actual status of your bussiness processes and quickly discover the improvement opportunities.

The Data Insight and Process insight are the basis for Organisational Improvement, which involves ​process improvement and cultural change, where we can coach your staff or execute full BPM and change management projects. 

You need the right metrics in place to motivate people to change their behaviour toward WCM and cash. We will help to initiate the continuous improvement collaboration process and the right KPI's are supported by the Working Capital Analyzer, that can be easily expanded with Process KPI's supported by the Process analysis solution. 

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  • Discover your Working Capital Optimization opportunities

  • Discover and optimize your Business Processes


  • Support Continuous improvement and performance management

  • Provide related consultancy services and tools


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Providing integrated solutions requires consultancy services in combination with innovative software solutions to be able to secure sustainable results.