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Portfolio management is a continuous process.


Changes in interest and risks, in conditions or changes in current projects require a regular review of the portfolio.

The Principal Toolbox software immediately calculates various scenarios for ROI and NPV and makes risks transparent. This enables you to shorten your time to review your portfolio by 80%!

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Portfolio Management

Ackinas ppm services

Resource Management & Time Registration and Billing

The Fortes Change Cloud software supports the entire process of planning, requesting and assigning resources. 


It offers resource planning on project, product and resource level, and takes specific knowledge and skills per employee into account.

This enables you to ensure an optimum grouping of employees on the various projects.

Time Registration and Billing

Project team members can report time in the web application or in the mobile app.

Requested, assigned and actual hours can be found quickly.

Hourly rates can be linked from external systems (ERP, ...) to calculate costs and to create invoices directly from Fortes Change Cloud.

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The Principal Toolbox software lets you capture, quantify and monitor the benefits of projects and programs.


You can plan the realization of your benefits and capture the underlying dependencies. 


The software gives you insights into the priorities of benefits in relation to the available resources, costs and hours. With this you are able to see whether plans are achievable, and where potential risks are.

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Benefits Management

Program Management

You can manage your programs based on proven best practices such as Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) or your own methodology.


Because the Principal Toolbox software connects  data of underlying projects, you can create coherence, synergy and transparency in your program. This enables you to keep control over the progress, costs and hours, risks and escalations.

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The Principal Toolbox allows you to manage all types of projects.


Projects can be managed based on:


  • AgilePM

  • Scrum

  • Stage-Gate

  • ISO 21500 or

  • Your own best PM practice 


With the sophisticated Gantt editor in the Principal Toolbox you can plan all activities and products.


Highlight reports are fully automated. And thanks to the extensive graphical reporting capabilities and the project dashboard, you always have a current and clear understanding of the status of your project.

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Project Management

Fortes Change Cloud delivers integrated and professional support for:


  1. Portfolio Management

  2. (Scaled) Agile adoption 

  3. Project Management

  4. Program Management

  5. Change Governance

  6. Benefits Management

  7. Resource Management & Time Registration and Billing

  8. Smart Integration (ERP, Document Management, Business Intelligence)

Fortes Change Cloud

(formerly the "Principal Toolbox")

The most open and flexible software platform for managing change in larger organisations.


Fortes Change Cloud lets you professionally manage all your Projects, Programs and Portfolios, inlcuding Benefits and Resources.

It provides built-in support for PRINCE2, Stage Gate, AgilePM, MSP, Six Sigma, P3O, MoV, MoP and other best practices.

Each method can easily be adapted to the specific processes of your organization.

   Ackinas PPM Services


  • Define the right processes


  • Set up Principal Toolbox in your organisation


  • Integrate Principal Toolbox in your business systems


  • Coach your employees in the use of Principal Toolbox



Ackinas ppm services

Project and Change Management

(Scaled) Agile Adoption

Make your organization flexible and fast responding to change by introducing the Agile methodology. 

Agile has been used in IT departments and companies first. The traditional "Waterfall" (sequential) project management method of Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance for the development of complex software systems proved to be too inflexible and lead times were too long.


Agile is like eating an elephant. 

Using Agile, self managing teams plan, design, develop, test and implement small software units in close cooperation with the product owner.


The developments can be used immediately. There is no need to wait to use the completed units until the complete software application has been finished.

As the teams progress, the members gain new insights, making it easier  to design and complete the next unit. With Agile, there are less change requests and the changes are much easier to manage.

Fortes Change Cloud fully supports the implementation of Agile in 3 Agile stages:

1. Experiment

In this stage, employees get the possibility to experiment with Agile.

2. Embed

The Agile method will be embedded in a formal way in the organization to plan and monitor hours and costs spent. Fortes Change Cloud facilitates this by managing agile teams from a traditional change portfolio

3. Extend

The Agile method is applied beyond teams and project. Change programs and day-to-day activities follow the Agile method too. This is "Scaled Agile".

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Change Governance (Change Managment)

Changes in larger organizations need to be managed in an orderly way. Change can be locally initialized or central. 

It is also common to have multiple change processes running at the same time. 

More and more organizations implement standardized processes to steer and track all the changes.

Uniformity and Visibility

Fortes Change Cloud helps to manage change processes in a uniform way and with a minimum of bureaucracy, administration and paperwork. The progress of the change processes are highly visible.

Less work

Fortis Change Cloud Smart Integration eliminates the need to copy and paste infomration from different sources and allows managers to create their reports with a few mouse clicks.


Step-by-step Change Governance implementation

As with Agile, the Fortes Change Cloud software supports a phased implementation of Change Governance. Organizations can start with the very basics. When the Change Management becomes more mature, more professional requirements can be implemented. 


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