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Process Mining & BI

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  • Execute Process Discovery Workshops


  • Set--up Continuous Monitoring Reports and Dashboards


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Process mining delivers true process insight


Process Mining (or Automated Business Process Discovery, ABPD) approaches BPM from a completely new angle - the data. The traditional way takes time and resources, and is vulnerable to human interpretation. Process mining, however, brings transparency and delivers fact-based information, quickly. This enables automatic visualization of processes, delivering insight on processes and process specific KPIs. 

What is automated business process discovery? Find out more

Introducing QPR Process Analyzer

Discover how QPR ProcessAnalyzer can help you.

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Discover, Analyze, Improve


For Process Owners, Analysts and Business Managers:

  • Discover your factual 'as is' processes

  • Find improvement opportunities faster

  • Identify instantly process deviations


For System Owners and IT Directors:

  • Audit internal processes for risk, quality and compliance purposes

  • Document system use cases

  • Follow-up and keep track of system upgrade or roll-out projects

Boost your business with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

  • Increase revenues via discovery and removal of process bottlenecks

  • Improve operational efficiency and cut costs through optimisized process performance and by conducting process follow-up as an ongoing activity

  • Speed-up your decision making with automated process discovery

  • Quick time to issue discovery and resolution

  • Eliminate the guess work

  • Identify future problems and opportunities before they occur 

  • Get instant results and payback through cost savings

Achieve Process Excellence with Data driven Process Intelligence

Key features of QPR Process BI solution:


  • Plug and play connectors to SAP ERP, Oracle ERP,, and other sources of process execution data

  • Continuous process monitoring and process performance dashboards

  • Process mining and visualization

  • Process benchmarking and analytics with root cause and influence analysis

  • Supports both continuous improvement and improvement initiatives

Why choosing the QPR process intelligence method and solution?


  • QPR combines the power of four different software product categories – Business Intelligence (BI), Process Mining, Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA), and Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

  • Processes drive financial results and process BI gives you the insight to improve them – which ultimately leads to stronger financial performance

  • Process BI reveals the root causes for problems and poor performance

  • Data-driven powerful approach

  • Fact based and visual

  • Ability to outperform your competition – data driven companies are one step ahead

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

As you already might know, QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a process mining and intelligence tool that stores and analyzes your business process data. It visualizes your business processes as they are in your systems. Hunting down every process variation is only a few mouse clicks away. Getting to see and understand your real business processes has never been this easy.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer’s visual process models let you adopt a huge amount of business relevant data quickly e.g. end-to-end durations, sub-durations, all process variations, case attribute distributions, influence analysis data, process KPIs, to name a few.

Having visualized your as-is process, designed your to-be process, and benchmarked the processes, your logical next step is to become proactive and use your cumulated process data for further process intelligence - to predict future outcomes of your business processes.

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Machine learning algorithms learn from and make predictions on data. Predictive analytics is a branch of machine learning that analyzes current and historical facts to make forecast about future or otherwise unknown events. R is a programming language for statistical computing that includes various machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms.

Application in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

Did you know that you can utilize various machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms in QPR ProcessAnalyzer? SQL Server R Services are available in QPR ProcessAnalyzer scripting environment.


There is no need for any 3rd party applications, as all the scripting can be done in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer environment.


You can use ProcessAnalyzer commands and SQL queries to extract data from process models and use R language to build machine learning algorithms to predict future outcomes, e.g. durations or process KPI outcomes of the cases.

Take Control of Your Business

In addition to getting insight of your as-is business process state, you are now able to foresee the future outcomes using QPR ProcessAnalyzer and SQL Server R Services.


It is possible to recognize potentially problematic cases in advance and react to them before they become a problem. The business benefits are money savings, happier customers and more predictable business.


Be ahead of your competitors and utilize the machine learning possibilities of QPR ProcessAnalyzer!