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Download the QPR Process Modeling tool for FREE


  • Free of charge standalone process modeling software

  • Fast start in process management

  • Model, organize, analyze and maintain all your process assets conveniently

  • Supports BPMN, UML and ArchiMate frameworks and standards

  • Comes with the APQC Process Classification Framework model

QPR ProcessDesigner

Design, analyze, communicate and improve your processes with QPR ProcessDesigner, an intuitive, multi-user process management software. QPR ProcessDesigner helps your organization in BPA work by taking into consideration the needs of business users as well as IT experts. QPR ProcessDesigner is ideal for mapping quality guidelines, SOPs, quality risks, and for reporting non-conformances and improvement ideas.


QPR ProcessDesigner unique features:


  • Very easy to draw processes and set up process models

  • Links to sub processes, risks, documents,...

  • Action plans and collaboration via the online portal​

QPR Metrics

QPR Metrics combines robust yet flexible performance management functionality with a
beautiful user experience. Stunning dashboards and scorecards with KPIs are also available in your pocket through QPR MobileDashboard. QPR Metrics is your perfect solution for automating strategy execution, performance management, quality management, and people performance management. The monitoring capabilities of QPR Metrics are also widely used to support quality management, risk management and project portfolio management.

Why you should use QPR Metrics:


  • Communicate your objectives clearly

  • Standardize your decision making information formats

  • Get alerted to problems & opportunities

  • Analyze information and share findings with collegues

QPR Enterprise Architect

All organizations have operations consisting of people, processes and IT systems. Smart
organizations improve their operations, and the smartest ones do it with QPR
EnterpriseArchitect. When you need to be faster in an ever changing environment, QPR
EnterpriseArchitect helps you gain the capabilities needed to analyze, plan and improve your
business. Intuitive and easy to use, both business and IT users prefer QPR EnterpriseArchitect to
help them ensure that operations are aligned with strategy.

Key features:

  • Tailor the enterprise architecture method to your needs

  • Use a common repository with governance model

  • Manage all enterprise architecture layers and dimensions in one visually powerful tool

  • User friendly publishing and collaboration platform

  • Analyze assets, relationships and dependencies

  • Perform effective gap analysis

  • Enhance QPR EnterpriseArchitect with QPR’s tools for performance management and process mining

  • Simultaneous multiple language support for over 20 languages

Business Process Management & Enterprise Architecture


For over 14 years, QPR is our software of choice for business process management and Enterprise Architecture. Today we have worked with more than 250 companies to improve their strategy, setting up the right KPI's, analyze their processes, setting up strategy maps and even automatically draw processes, based on ERP data.


Over the years, we have built numerous solutions in areas like risk management, quality management and integrated Enterprise Architecture models.


The QPR suite has the following components that are fully integrated:


   Ackinas BPM Services


  • Coach you in your BPM strategy


  • Support you in the QPR deployment


  • Integrate QPR in your business systems


  • Develop tools & applications in QPR


Process improvement


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