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Financial Management Solutions


Different solutions, the same objectives:


Make your business and operations more agile and efficiënt, measure your status against your objectives, improve your business processes, communication and transparency and mitigate risks in an early stage!


And…present this FAST in a dynamic, ordened and visually attractive way, so that everyone finally understands what the numbers mean and how they can act to improve them!

  • Monitor your Working Capital and related KPI's and ratios

  • Drill down to the smallest details

  • Pinpoint which customers / products / inventory lock-in cash

  • Analyze payment behavior, forecast and schedule performance and obsolete stock

  • Identify the processes that are causing this

  • Take actions and achieve a substantial reduction in your working capital

  • Unlock your cash to invest and stay ahead of you competitors

Two Versions: Top Down, based on Financial data, budgets and forecasts and Bottom-up, based on operational data, down to invoice and SKU level. 

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The Working Capital Analyzers

  • Top-Down, based on financial data

    • GL Transactions

    • Budgets

    • Input data

  • Bottom-up, based on detailed transact.

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Accounts Payable

    • ERP data

    • Bank Account data

    • External data

    • Short, Mid and Long term planning

    • Multi Company, Multi Currency multiple dimensions

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The Cash Flow Analyzer

The extended financial monitor shows complete and detailled information about your financial status. The functionalities include:


  • Dashboard with a single view on your Financial Performance against targets

  • Full Profit & Loss and click through to details

  • Balance Sheet and ratios click through to details

  • Outstanding invoices and top/flop customers

  • Outstanding invoices and top/flop suppliers

  • Rendability analysis through a DuPont model and what-if simulations

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The Financial Analyzers

Cost To Serve is a "pragmatic" methodology to estimate the "specific" costs to serve a specific customer with a specific product.

It is using principles of "time driven activity based costing" (TDABC) focussing on the “vital few relevant” cost drivers, in order to ensure a "sufficient" level of "differentiation" while avoiding the complexity of too detailed and precise data gathering.

The Cost to Serve solution can be integrated with any ERP solution and helps:

  • Improving the transparency of the true profitability

    • Modeling and analyzing the cost-to-serve and cash-to-serve

    • Find the right balance between conflicting interests

  • Aligning with the value propostion

    • Revising the pricing policies per customer/product

    • Generate Cost-to-Serve efficiency actions

  • Showing customer and product profitability​

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The Cost to Serve Solution (Time Driven ABC)


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