Celonis Consulting Partner

Ackinas has expanded its Process Mining Activites with a Celonis Consulting Partnership, which allows us to use the Celonis tools, connectors and apps for process audits, through process discovery and conformance checking and helping companies to prepare the roll out Celonis in a much broader scale for continuous Process Mining use. 

Our broad SAP and other business solutions knowledge and Process Mining experience allows us to execute Process Mining activities for any use-case. Using the Celonis tools helps us to do this in a very efficient and effective way. 

The Working Capital Analyzer April 2020 release

What is new: 

  • Multiple Instances and ERP solutions in one analyzer with one leading instance

  • Set-up and configuration per ERP instance

  • Multiple KPI calculation methodologies (DSO/DIO/DPO/CCC)

  • Extended filters

  • Extended payment behavior and payment terms analysis

  • Stream related implementation (Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay and Forecast to fulfill

  • Spend analysis

  • Slow moving and obsolete stock analysis with multi dimensional catigorisation

  • Forecast and schedule behavior

We have integrated our Order-to Cash, Forecast-to-Fulfil and Purchase-to-Pay with Process Mining apps to analyse process related issues like logistics efficiency and effectiveness, supplier and customer delivery leadtimes,  labor and equipment effectiveness, delivery and receiving accuracy and many more. 

Predictive analysis and Root Cause analysis have been added through process mining. 

Two Versions: Executive, based on Financial data, budgets and forecasts and Operational, based on operational data, down to invoice and SKU level. 

Coming up:

  • User Story driven  dashboards

  • Analyst feedback capturing

  • Influence analysis (what is causing the issues)

  • Peers benchmarks

  • Predictive analysis

  • ...


Ackinas signes a global VAR partnership for Working Capital/Cash Optimization with Genpact and a local partnership with KPMG Advisory Belgium

KPMG Advisory and Ackinas work together in Working Capital and Cash optimization.

Working Capital is increasingly a top three priority for many businesses; leading practitioners are applying a cash lens to support complex transformation and growth programs which provide the opportunity to self-fund change.

Because technology enables optimization, KPMG and Ackinas entered into a business relationship agreement for the execution of end-to-end cash and working capital optimization projects.

KPMG is the trusted advisor to help companies to move beyond simple cash management and focus on dynamic working capital management to really transform an organization.

Ackinas provides tools to support cash and working capital optimization and continuous improvement. These tools will analyze financial and operational data that will help to quickly understand the improvement opportunities and show the effect of implemented improvements through dynamic KPI’s and dashboards.


Because cash and working capital improvement is much about Working Capital Process optimisation,  process mining technology assists in analyzing the working capital business processes.  Using the flexibility that digital offers, it can be a tool to allow a wide range of business objectives to be achieved – and for those objectives to be easily changed as priorities change.

KPMG provides leading working capital improvement practices and thought leadership such as this is a key component of the way we work together with our clients. KPMG aims to continually develop new ideas and present them to our clients in all areas of business.


Ackinas develops and implements a range of corporate fintech solutions. The Working Capital Executive and Operational Analyzers, Cashflow Optimizer and QPR’s Process Analyzer are subject of our partnership.  Together with KPMG we will continuously develop and improve our solutions to support KPMG’s methodologies.

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