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Some of our customer stories.


The list below shows some of the succes stories we have achieved together with our customers over the past few years.

Eandis is one of Belgium's biggest energy suppliers.


They model processes in QPR ProcessDesigner, monitor them in QPR Metrics and manage corrective measures with QPR Portal collaboration capabilities.


Affordable and sustainable building solutions for people all over the world


Ever since the very beginning in 1905, the story of Etex has been one of steady growth and innovation. Today, these core characteristics are still what drives our business. In our journey towards the future, we seamlessly combine proven assets with new business strategies. Ackinas is helping Etex to support the effective execution of these strategies. 



INEOS has grown into one of the largest independent Chemical companies in the world. It counts 73 plants worldwide and approximately 16,000 employees.


QlikView was selected as analysis tool on SAP with Ineos after a very intensive market research. At first only to solve some analysis issues that their BI-solution could not deal with. Later on QlikView replaced all other analysis and reporting tools.

Pinguin is one of the larger food companies in Belgium. It offers frozen vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs and ready-to-use culinary preparations, coming from 13 production sites troughout Europe.


Also with Pinguin, QlikView is the preferred business discovery tool on SAP data. QlikView is widely implemented and so in our Working Capital Analyzer. 


"When the Working Capital Analyzer was first plugged onto our SAP system, it instantly led us to valuable insights & a list of potential actions that will strongly reduce our working capital." - Filip Debruyne, Group Controller Pinguin


Ardagh is a global manufacturer of Glass and Metal packaging with 140+ sites in 4 continents. 


Ackinas has delivered and successfully  implemented the Top Down and Bottom-up Working Capital Analyzers for both Ardagh's Glass and Metal business based on multiple SAP instances and  several other ERP solutions, as used in the group.


Actually we are integrating the newly acquired Beverage Can devision into the integrated solution, based on again different SAP set-up's. 



Vynova is a new name for the ChlorVinyls devison of Tessenderlo Chemie, created from a spin-off of INEOS ChlorVinyls, and part of the ICIG-group. 

Ackinas has delivered and successfully implemented, in a very short timeframe of 4 months, QlikView Dashboards, Bottom-up OTC Working Capital Analyzer and a stock, production and distribution planning solution, including the required tool licenses, data conversion, training and implementation support. 

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