Corona Revival Kit Applications

Return to the New Normality in a controlled way

Special Applications

We have several special apps that will help you to go through the recovery and restauration phase in a controlled way and return to the new Normality sooner and better prepared.

Closely monitoring your Working Capital and Cashflow is crucial and inevitable as is the capability to simulate the impact of payment term changes, payment behavior and discount opportunities on the Customer and Supplier side. Both areas can be supported by our standard solutions that can be quickly implemented in any environment and connected to any ERP or Financial system. The solutions can implemented and deployed in a very short timeframe without physical human contact. 

The operational cost of the use of these apps is free of charge for the first year. 

We support special Process Mining apps that help you to tell the story of your operational processes and to plan out scenarios. It can also show you how the processes can be adapted if they have to be executed with reduced staff or resources or where and why, almost in real time,  customer deliveries or invoicing is blocked or delayed.  Process Mining allows you to start making business cases for productivity improvements (like RPA and other (digital) transformations) to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Working Capital Monitoring

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Comprehensive simulation capabilities immediately show the effect of later customer- and/or vendor payments and stock reductions on your Working Capital, always measured against best practice targets

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The OTC/PTP/FTF Process Mining solutions give you a detailed insight in the Working Capital related  operational processes and their possible impact on Working Capital.

It shows you where and why customer deliveries or invoicing is blocked or delayed, supplier deliveries are showing issues or production issues arise due to reduced staff or unavailability of stock.

AI driven predictive scenario's on open cases help you to respond quickly and reduce the impact on Working Capital. 

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Cash Flow Monitoring

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  • Caluculate and visualize the available cash at short, medium and long term 

  • Data from:

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Accounts Payable

    • ERP data (orders and commitments)

    • Bank Accounts and transactions

    • Loans and credits

    • All other Expenditures/Income and (Capex) projects

  • Cashflow simulation and forecasting in multiple scenario's 

  • Multi Company, Multi Currency multiple dimensions

The fastest way to get a grip on your corporate cash flow and simulate the effects of credit collection issues, personnel Capex and other expenditure changes, subsidies and bank credits and loans is by quickly implementing our  Cashflow Manager.  This app can be installed or integrated on any ERP or Financial system mostly in less than one week. We will deploy it either in SaaS or on your own servers.

This solution tells you the story and plans out the scenario's to get/stay in control 


Productivity improvements

Process Mining allows you to start making business cases for productivity improvements (like RPA and other (digital) transformations) to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Optimize so that robots can do more


We detect problems, bottlenecks, and unnecessary steps within the process, to optimize it before automation.

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Target processes with the best return


We help you to assess opportunities and identify the optimal low or medium complexity processes or subprocesses with a minimum of 0.5 FTE savings.

In complex and critical processes we help you identify the highest value parts.

Robotise/automate the process


We help you to automate the process through RPA or Case mangement

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Assess impact of improvements

We will monitor the performance of robots and improvement and quantify the benefits of an optimized process vs. the original. 

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