Combined strength makes winning easy !

About Ackinas

About Ackinas

More than 18 years of customer happiness


We understand the necessity of listening to our customers.


We also know that we will never understand your business the way you do.


However, we have done a lot of projects under the Corporate Performance Management umbrella and we would like to share our experience. We are convinced that the combination of your knowledge and our experience and tools will make you succesfull in your aim for Sustainable Growth!

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How can we help you?


We have done a wide range of projects at over 300 customers.


They vary from ERP selections, BI implementations, Strategic business consultancy, Business Process Management, (Balanced)Scorecards, Project Portfolio Management over Process Mining to Working Capital Management and Activity Based Management. 


Our approach is a coaching one. Short projects with clear deliverables. We will help you to become self-supporting, but we will always follow-up to help you to get the most out of your inbestments.


Starting today means working more effective and efficient tomorrow, next week and on the long term.

What can we do for you?


Finding the right data is key to determine where you can perform stronger and how you can outrun competitors. We support our strategy with the type of tools that can be maintained and further developed by your IT professionals. Your company's future depends on how you can react to changing market situations, new challengers, new technologies, but also on the way you can improve your own performance.


Our tools, applications, solutions and methodologies will make you more agile, resposive, efficiënt and just overall future proof.




When you spend less time on gathering data, building reports, follow up processes and manage projects, you will automatically have more time to work on your core business.


As a result, your overall performance will improve!

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