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Working  Capital and Cash Flow Optimization

Eliminate the guesswork and get the answers you need.

  • Extract the data from your ERP systems through standard connectors (SAP a.o.)

  • Monitor your Working Capital and related ratios

  • Drill down to the smallest details

  • Pinpoint which customers/products/inventory absorb cash

  • Identify the processes that are causing this

  • Take actions and achieve a substantial reduction in your working capital

  • Obtain extra cash to invest and stay ahead of you competitors

  • Manage your cashflow

"Amazing how quickly you can discover the actual painpoints and follow-up the results of the implemented  improvements. This is a brilliant solution" - Anonymus customer 

Financial Performance Optimization

The actual Financial performance of your company only one Qlik away:


  • Main dashboard with financial performance information

  • Extended P&L and Balance Sheet with drill down to transactionlevel

  • KPI's and Ratios on all levels

  • Debtors ageing and outstanding invoices with collection information and KPI's

  • Creditors ageing and outstanding invoices and KPI's

  • Du Pont Analysis with Return on Equity breakdown and what-if analysis

  • Aggregated multi company information

  • Standard connectors to most ERP and Financial  systems

  • Multi Lingual (Dutch/English/French/German

Process Analyzer


Use your data to get true Process Insights.


Process Mining uses existing data from your SAP ERP or Sales Force CRM systems to tell you how processes are running in reality. QPR Process Analyzer automatically generates process flowcharts and important KPI's based on the data extracted from your IT systems.


Follow the actual effects of your process improvements through Process BI dashboards. Use it for audits, compliance checks or the optimization of your IT systems. 


Dare to improve your operational efficiency and boost your cashflow!

Business Process Optimization

“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to see the whole Ad Hoc Service process. Without the data and the product we wouldn’t have been able to discover the reasons behind the process bottlenecks.” - Aila Aaltonen CIO, Caverion

QPR Enterprise Architect

Download the QPR Process Modeling tool for FREE


  • Free of charge standalone process modeling software

  • Fast start in process management

  • Model, organize, analyze and maintain all your process assets conveniently

  • Supports BPMN, UML and ArchiMate frameworks and standards

  • Comes with the APQC Process Classification Framework model


Ackinas signes a global VAR partnership for Working Capital/Cash Optimization with Genpact and a local partnership with KPMG Advisory Belgium

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The Working Capital Analyzer 2018 Spring release has been released. More functionality, easier set-up and multiple ERP connectivity extensions. 

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QPR ProcesAnalyzer 2018.3 is out and has been extended with Process Conformance Analysis and  a BPMN process import and editor. 

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Ackinas is recruiting BI professionals.  

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Qlik Sense: The ultimate self service data visualisation & discovery tool!

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