Data Driven Decision Making

 Your Data drives your Business

Lead your organization through the Corona virus disruption

In past months we have been completely dominated by the Covit-19 Crisis. It looks like this will not change on a short notice. 


Of course, our concern is primarily for everyone’s health.


We can help you to reduce the financial and operational impact, to stay in control and to return to new normality sooner at minimum investment both in time and in money.


View the Revival Kit for Corona  (an initiative in close cooperation with KPMG Belgium) KPMG View 


Make the right decisions with forward thinking insight and robust metrics. 

  • Process Mining

  • AI driven operational support

  • Integrated/embedded BI

  • 360° views

Get insights, advice and tools to achieve your priorities


Cut through the noise with the right guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most.

  • Data strategy development

  • Support digital transformation 

  • RPA support

  • BI strategy/architecture/support

  • Change management


Turn strategy into execution and results with actionable tools

  • Working Capital Analyzer

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Financial Dashboards

  • Cost to Serve (ABC costing)

  • Sales & Operations dahboards

  • Plant Maintenance dashboards

The Corona Revival Kit

The operational use of Ackinas solutions will be free of charge during the first year

We offer you a comprehensive Revival Kit for Corona, that will help you to go through the recovery and restauration phase in a controlled way and return to the new normality sooner and better prepared.

Don’t hesitate and act now and focus on the right activities.

Priority is of course the wellbeing of your staff. The next

major challenge will be your liquidity.

You should regularly monitor your cash and forecast your

cash position, taking into account all possible income and

expenditure elements. Simulation of different scenarios

like revised forecasts, factoring, subsidies, loans,

receivables and expenditure postponements show the

most realistic scenarios and the related actions.


Make a plan for once you are back to the new normality.


Avoid overreaction, compliance violations and reputational damage and try to avoid difficulties with working capital availability by carefully and frequently monitoring all elements of  the Cash Conversion Cycle.


The Corona Revival Kit contains the following solutions:

The Ackinas Cashflow Forecaster will calculate and visualize the available cash at short & medium term and also supports quite some simulation and forecasting scenarios.

Process Mining helps you to tell the story of your operational processes and to plan out scenarios. It can also show you how the processes can be adapted if they have to be executed with reduced staff or resources or where and why, almost in real time,  customer deliveries or invoicing is blocked or delayed.  Process Mining allows you to start making business cases for productivity improvements (like RPA and other (digital) transformations) to reduce cost and improve efficiency.


The Ackinas Operational Working Capital Analyzer allows you to daily monitor your Working Capital position  on all elements of the Cash Conversion Cycle in a very high detail. It provides comprehensive simulation capabilities, where different scenarios can be simulated. Particularly if an important part  of the Working Capital is involved in stock, the solution can be of big help to quickly optimize your stock levels in relation with the actual situation.


Based on your available data we can help to evaluate trade-offs between different scenarios using visualization and analysis tools and solutions like our 360° customer view, that can help you to gather more information and make a better forecasts.


All our solutions are suitable for multi company organizations, are highly configurable and can be easily connected to any ERP or Financial System.


Because our solutions can run in the cloud and the data connection and configuration work can be done remotely, we are adapted to work in Corona time.

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Ackinas becomes a Consultancy Partner of Celonis, to support customers with the set-up and use of the biggest commercial Process Mining Solution and execute Process Mining and Process Audit projects.

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Ackinas signes a global VAR partnership for Working Capital/Cash Optimization with Genpact and a local partnership with KPMG Advisory Belgium

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The Working Capital Analyzer 2020 Spring release has been released. More functionality, easier set-up and multiple ERP connectivity extensions. 

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Ackinas is recruiting BI and Process Mining professionals.  

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